Master Bedroom Furniture Trends in 2022

We cannot overstate the importance of having the right bedroom furniture. The master bedroom in your house is meant to be your private sanctuary. It’s the place you come to settle in for quality rest and escape, and the same place where you rise to meet the challenges of a new day. Every detail is important: the colors, accessories, furniture, and all the other details that make this room yours.


Below are a few trends we have noticed popping up in the industry and among our customers. Mostly, we have seen an increased demand for high-quality materials, pieces that give a sense of openness and cleanliness, and colors that create a strong sense of warmth and welcome. If you are in the market for refurbishing your master bedroom, read on for a few pointers that may help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

Colors that make a statement

Having a color palette that aligns with your personal preferences is important in the master bedroom. Honestly, color palettes are important in every room, but in the master bedroom, we think it might be a bit more important. Not only do the colors represent a bit about your personality, but they also help you feel relaxed and at peace.


These days, the classic white and gray remain favorites. They provide a clean, open feel that is hard to beat. A good representation of this is our very popular Prentice 5-Piece Bedroom Set. Or perhaps you prefer warmer, welcoming colors offered by more natural wooden pieces that pair well with yellows or reds. Whichever you prefer, our inventory is stocked to meet current design trends.

Emphasizing comfort

One trend we have noticed over the past couple of years is the increased interest in maximizing comfort in the bedroom. Our anecdotal assumption is this has to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Being stuck at home compelled many shoppers to prioritize a sense of safety and comfort throughout their homes. This of course includes the master bedroom.


For us, the foundational tool for quality comfort starts with the pillow. Whether you’re looking for premium head and neck support while you sleep, or something more decorative, we have you covered. Michael’s offers a massive selection of decorative throw pillows that look perfect matched with your favorite throw or bed set. These are small pieces that go a long way in providing that extra bit of physical and emotional comfort many people have needed. Choosing a quality throw pillow not only says a bit about yourself, but they are also lasting items you will enjoy for years to come.

Focusing on quality

For similar reasons to emphasizing comfort, we have noticed an uptick in customers seeking an emphasis on purchasing quality pieces for their master bedrooms. With so much more time spent at home (often under strange, uncertain circumstances), having quality pieces that provide maximum quality sleep and rest is paramount.


This typically starts with a quality bed frame and mattress. These pieces are the absolute yin and yang of acquiring quality sleep and proper neck and back support. Next comes a well-built nightstand and dresser. Owning quality bedroom furniture means you will potentially own it for a lifetime. In other words, you’ll never have to spend a dime on this stuff again. This typically means paying a bit more upfront. But many people are more comfortable with the idea of paying once for something that will last forever.


Michael’s offers the highest quality beds and bedroom sets available at a much deeper discount than other big box stores. Our customers enjoy maximum quality and comfort without paying the full retail price. Click here to see some of our most popular bedroom sets to see what we mean.

Big headboards

One bedroom furniture trend that is standing out in 2022 is oversized headboards. Due to their popularity, there are many oversized headboard options today than there were even a couple of years ago. We are seeing customers looking for everything from colorful woven patterns to large wooden headboards mounted directly to the wall.


Two products we offer in this category are the Wyndahl Queen Upholstered Panel Bed and the Wyndahl Queen Panel Bed. Both of these pieces offer a welcoming, timeless look that fits wonderfully in a variety of bedrooms. Better yet, both beds are easy to accessorize and design around several color palettes and themes.

Adding artwork

Your bedroom is the most private space in your home, meant just for you. It is where you can relax and be yourself. It makes sense to add art and décor that offers a look into who you are and your interests. Choose pieces that fall in line with your chosen color scheme, or build a palette around whatever art you’d like. Whether you are interested in a classical or contemporary look, we are confident our inventory has something you will love.


If traditional wall art isn’t your thing, consider a sculpture or statue on your dresser or nightstand. Perhaps the pieces represent something important from your past, or to your family. Maybe it’s from a place or event that has had a significant impact on you. Bookcases with titles important to you are also a wonderful idea for a cozy, bookish feel.


Whatever you choose, take time to add something meaningful that will encourage, comfort, or inspire you. What could be better than designing a room around an object that brings out those feelings?


We hope these pointers will be helpful to you as you pick out some new bedroom furniture in 2022. As always, never hesitate to contact us or come visit our store with questions. Our dedicated staff is some of the best in the business. And we love nothing more than working with customers to connect them with all their master bedroom furniture needs. If you are browsing our website and have questions on a particular item, call us any time!

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