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No matter the room, having the right home accessories is an absolute must. Without the right pieces, the room feels less welcoming, drab, boring, and generally unloved. Whether you realize it or not, the spaces you live and work in represent you as an individual. Regular visitors, friends, and even family members might be getting the wrong impression about you when they pop in for a visit. So why not make your room more visually interesting with some transformational home accessories this spring?

Why home accessories are important

Home accessories are important for a few reasons. They are a very easy way to add an extra layer of texture, color, and patterns to any room. Accessories are more than just decorative eye candy.

They can either serve an important function (think vases, candles, bowls, etc.), or they can be important items from your family’s history or your own life. Perhaps you have a family heirloom that serves as a reminder of your historical roots. Maybe you have a favorite book or childhood keepsake that makes for a good conversation starter.

Whatever accessories you choose, they should pull the room together, blending intelligently with the colors and patterns around it. They should never clash with other design elements in the room. Clashing design elements will only have a negative effect, leading to a chaotic and perhaps even stressful environment.

That being said, don’t be afraid to mix it up! If you have mostly clean, white spaces, a pop of vivid color can go a long way when placed correctly. A wall covered in modern contemporary art pieces could benefit greatly from a smartly placed personal photo or traditional piece. Just be patient and take your time. The accessory you choose should give you a sense of happiness and confidence. It can also evoke a comforting or calming feeling. It is a sense of completion that you will immediately recognize as having been missing from the room up until that point.

Below are just a few suggestions the staff at Michael’s have put together for your accessorizing consideration. Each item is easy to place, comes in an assortment of colors, and looks good in a variety of rooms.


Nothing brings a little bit of homey warmth to a room like a well-placed basket. They are available in a wide variety of materials and patterns, making them an attractive way to store all of your favorite items. They are great for storing books, magazines, pillows, and blankets. Or consider less conventional items like firewood and photo albums. Whichever items you choose they are guaranteed to look great in a decorative basket.

They are also good spots to store commonly used, yet less attractive items you don’t necessarily want to see often. We’re thinking about remote controls, old newspapers, pet toys, or other things you can’t find a good home for.


Yes, even in the age of smartphones, a conventional clock still has its place. They can become an important focal point for any room in your home. Clocks are a very easy way to instantly add elegance and function to a space. Used primarily in living rooms, clocks can also look very good in kitchens, bedrooms, or entryways.

Michael’s has an incredibly diverse inventory of clocks available in an excellent selection of shapes and styles. Our Panchali Wall Clock is a very popular item, offering minimalist elements coupled with wooden features that come together perfectly. If your style is more classic, consider the Panchali for an added impact. Alternatively, if you lean towards modern, clean lines, our Payson Wall Clock might be a good way to mix things up a bit. Of course, your clock style doesn’t have to go against the grain of your current look. Go with what feels right for the room the clock will live in and choose what you like best.


Like decorating with candles? Lucky for you, there is a candle holder for every type of candle in existence. Better yet, we are confident Michael’s has the right one just for you. Candleholders can be purchased individually or in sets, and offer the perfect touch for creating an enlightening atmosphere.

With the right candle holder, you will add the perfect amount of calm and serenity to any space. They help add visual appeal not just to the candle they’re holding, but to the object they’re placed on. Whether a side table, mantle, coffee table, or shelf, candle holders are a tried and true decoration piece.


Yes, we do in fact consider throw pillows to be transformational home accessories. They are equally functional and provide an aesthetic. Pillows are also some of the easiest items for tying color accents together. Another great thing about throw pillows is how fun they can be to decorate with. For a clean, uniform look, choose monotone pillows that blend seamlessly with the colors around them. Or mix things up and choose vibrant colors that stand out, drawing the eye towards the furniture they’re resting on. Whichever style best suits your needs, Michael’s Discount Furniture has something for you. 


Generally more sophisticated than pillows, sculptures stand out as true works of art that can send a stark message. They can be used to convey ideas about religion, architecture, history, or some other story. If you think an abstract piece suits your room best, consider our Devri Sculpture. A classic spinning globe looks good in almost any room if you want something more conventional. Take time to think about the sculpture as a piece that will become an important focal point in the room.

What not to do when choosing home accessories

In conclusion, we would like to offer up a few helpful tips on what not to do when choosing and placing home accessories. Your home accessories should not be meaningless objects. Choose items you naturally gravitate towards and will potentially treasure for years to come. Otherwise, you will grow unhappy with them quickly, making them an unfortunate waste of money. Another good thing to avoid is using too many of the same thing. Cluttering a space with too many similar items can be visually exhausting and horrible to look at. The size of the item should be proportional to the space it’s living in. Don’t choose overwhelmingly large items for a smaller living room. And don’t place a tiny candle holder in the middle of a giant coffee table. This creates a confusing look that will likely come across as just plain strange.

We hope these suggestions have been helpful. Of course, we would love to hear any questions or feedback you might have on the items discussed here. If you have your own ideas, we would love to hear them as well!

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