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Importance of choosing your dream bed

Sleeping is an essential function for our bodies to recharge, heal, and stay healthy. In short, sleep is extremely important. The best way to get good sleep is to choose the bed that is right for you. When most people shop for a new bed, they tend to lean heavily towards picking a good-quality mattress. This is of course extremely important. However, the right bed frame is equally important. The bed frame is the foundation for your bed, as it supports the mattress (and you).

Another important detail when choosing a bed is to choose one that fits your style. We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. It is important to make your bed visually inviting as it is comfortable to lay in. The right style of bed frame or headboard will help put your mind into a state of restfulness after a long day.

In spite of all this, many Americans today choose the wrong type of bed for their body or room. But how does someone know how to find their dream bed? Below are a few insights we would like to offer our customers. If you have other thoughts or questions as you read this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We would love to hear your additional thoughts and questions.

A bed and mattress should work together

Always choose a bed that suits your mattress. For instance, if you have a spring mattress, we recommend a spring bed. Alternatively, a slat bed pairs best with a foam mattress. A cheaply-made bed frame will not support your mattress correctly. Imagine spending a considerable sum on a premium mattress, yet you still aren’t achieving deep sleep. The frame squeaks and shifts and you can feel it jostle slightly beneath you as you shift around in bed. And to make matters worse, your back is in serious pain! The root of the issue could be because your frame can’t support your mattress while you’re on it.

This is why it’s ideal to buy a new bed and mattress together. New mattresses don’t usually last as long when paired with an old bed frame. The old bed frame likely isn’t rated to support current mattress products. It may also have wear and tear or subtle damage that can start to break down your new mattress and ruin it quicker.

A good mattress is important, but a good bed frame is essential in ensuring your mattress is doing its job. The two items should always work together to help you get the right amount of quality sleep your body needs (and deserves).

A bed that looks and feels great for your room

Aesthetics are important when it comes to choosing your dream bed. In order for your bed to become a place of complete rest and refuge, it should fit your style. It should also fit with the overall look and feel of the room it’s in. This isn’t just for looks either. Your mind will quite literally relax quicker and your mood will improve.

Michael’s offers a wide selection of classic and contemporary styles. You don’t rush when making a bed purchase. It is important to spend plenty of time, and ask us as many questions as you want before picking one out. Always take measurements to ensure the bed will fit properly in your room. This includes width and length, but also height. Climbing up and down a tall bed might not be the best idea if you’re a bit on the shorter side. Or perhaps a tall bed looks too imposing. A shorter bed is easier to get on and off of, and won’t take up so much space in your room (visually and physically).

The right bed for your back

When it comes to choosing your dream bed, your back should be the key consideration. A poor-quality mattress will destroy your spinal alignment. This can evolve into much greater health problems the longer you sleep on it. You will also not likely sleep nearly as well as you would on a mattress that offers the right support.

Thankfully, there is a mattress for every single body type out there, and Michael’s definitely has the right one for you. Does your back require more rigid support? Or does it want to sink into a deep, soft pillow-like surface? It is important to take the time to find the right one, and it starts by visiting a bed store. At Michael’s Discount Furniture, our staff is always ready to answer any of your sleep-related questions. Our display mattresses offer the perfect opportunity to pick one that suits your sleeping needs to the letter.

Think long term

Choosing the right bed is nothing short of making a long-term investment. You are investing in your health and wellness, and your quality of life. Buying a high-quality product means you will enjoy maximum quality sleep for many years to come. Choosing a poor-quality product means the exact opposite.

In the case of purchasing a bed, it is certainly a matter of getting what you pay for. This doesn’t mean the best bed for you is the most expensive one we offer. All of Michael’s inventory comes from premiere brands. We don’t sell cheap products, period. What we do offer is a wide range of the best beds on the market. Check out some of the reviews our beds are getting to see for yourself.

Get in touch!

Researching and choosing a mattress or bed frame can feel overwhelming. That’s why we are here for you! Always feel free to stop by our Portland warehouse to visit our staff and try out our products. Our sleep experts are eager to hear your needs, questions, and concerns. We are confident we have the right bed for your body, budget, and bedroom. If you can’t make it into our store, call or email us, or just make your purchase right off our website. We would love to send your new bed to wherever you call home.

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