Caring For Your New Furniture

There is nothing quite like bringing home a new piece of furniture. Whether you're bringing home a big new sectional couch, or a stately wooden bed frame, knowing how to take care of these pieces is important.

It is important because it will directly affect how your furniture looks, and ultimately how well it will live up to its purpose. This requires a bit of knowledge of what materials your furniture is made from, how often it’s used, and where it sits in the room.

Below are just a few tips and suggestions we at Michael’s like to recommend to all of our customers. We know buying furniture online can be a bit nerve-wracking when it comes to getting certain questions answered. That is one reason we’re sharing this article. The other reason is that these are simple steps anyone can take, and we’re always happy to offer more. Read on for a bit more insight into caring for your new furniture, and let us know if you have any other questions.

Read the label

Every new piece of furniture will have a care label and we highly recommend you read it. It will give you very specific information on best practices for cleaning and caring for whatever you have. This will help you maintain the new look of your furniture, and also help ensure many years of enjoyment. This is why it's important to understand how to care for your furniture. If you can't find a label or have other questions, never hesitate to give us a call. We would love to hear a description of your furniture, and your concerns about caring for it and offer our best tips and strategies. We take this topic seriously, and hope you will do the same!

Flip n’ fluff

A very simple strategy for maintaining the new look of your furniture is to rotate and flip cushions and pillows. Over time, it is very common for softer surfaces to appear as though they are sagging or drooping. This is especially common for pieces that are used more often. Everyone has a favorite spot to sit, so this is a very normal thing to see happen. Don’t be alarmed. However, it can nevertheless be a frustrating thing to see.

To prolong the new look of your furniture, rotate the cushion or pillow to a side that isn’t used often. We recommend regularly flipping seat cushions to help with this. Back cushions are sometimes a bit trickier with this, but rotating them to different spots can help. Knead and push into the soft surface with your hands to help push the material back into place. Or if you want to get serious, just add extra stuffing into the cushion via the zipper opening. This material is typically sold at any local craft store.

Remove debris

Nothing can be more fatal to your furniture than pieces of food or other foreign objects that are left unattended. A little piece of food can eventually have a big impact on how your furniture looks. The same goes for dirt or grime that may fall off your clothing, shoes, or a pet. With a tiny bit of pressure, a crumb or little piece of dirt will get smashed and smeared into the upholstery. Left alone, that small piece will seep deep into the fibers, staining them. The longer the mess is there, the worse it will look and the harder it will be to remove. A brand new cushion is instantly ruined.

It may sound obvious, but keep this junk off your furniture if at all possible. The easiest way is to use a damp warm cloth on upholstery, or a vacuum. On wood or hard surfaces, a cloth with furniture polish works well also. The goal is to prevent a buildup of objects that will spoil the furniture’s material. While many furniture materials today are made with a stain-resistant component, keep a vigilant eye. Your warranty doesn’t likely include details about stains of this nature.

Dust and polish

If your furniture has a hard surface, whatever it may be, you should regularly dust and polish it. This will help reduce the likelihood of surface scratches (and deeper gouges) that can affect the look of your furniture. Simply using a soft, damp cloth can help tremendously, but don’t leave the surface wet. Dry it with a micro-fiber cloth to avoid water marks. For wood surfaces, good furniture polish is the ultimate tool at your disposal. Nothing brings out the beautiful quality of wood like a well-working polish.

By regularly dusting and polishing, your furniture will look new and inviting for many years to come. And you will enjoy looking at it even more. Nothing kills the look of a room quicker than a shabby, rundown piece of furniture.

Vacuum everything

Nothing beats the subtle power of a bristled vacuum brush. Hair, dust, food crumbs, and dirt, all build up ever-so-slightly and works their way into the material of your furniture. A vacuum with a bristled brush head will work that debris out of the fabric and small crevasses of your furniture. Your furniture will look better, and (this may sound a bit weird) smell better too. Rotting food, hair, dander, and dirt can all combine to make unpleasant odors.

If possible, always use a brush tool when vacuuming furniture. Without one, the standard head of the vacuum may scratch or tear your furniture’s surface.

Be mindful of sun exposure

Just as we shield our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, be mindful of it on your furniture. Pieces that are placed directly beneath windows are especially susceptible to this. The basic rule is that the more your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, the quicker it will age. There are several ways to counter this. For leather furniture, regularly apply conditioner and cleaning agents. Draping throw blankets over the piece are a quick fix, and keeping blinds or curtains drawn helps as well. Additionally, you may consider rotating your furniture around the room to avoid constant exposure. A more hardcore solution would be to simply apply a window film as a UV filter.

We hope these pointers have been helpful! As mentioned above, we certainly hope you’ll reach out with any questions you may have. We want you to love your furniture for as long as you own it. Knowing how to care for it is the first step in making that happen.

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