5 Reasons You Need an Entertainment Center

Tired of the tangled nest of cords, movie boxes, and other clutter piled around your TV? A new entertainment center is a perfect opportunity to give your living room a nice, updated look. It can also be a useful tool for storing pillows, blankets, games, and other commonly-used items. Contemporary entertainment centers often contain spaces for lighting features, and shelving for more accessories, and can make a room stand out in many positive ways.

Below are just a few reasons it’s a great idea to start shopping for a new entertainment center. And don’t forget! Michael’s has plenty of options to choose from, and buying an entertainment center online from us has never been easier. Contact us to make sure your top choice is in stock today!

Fantastic organization

Probably the best use of an entertainment center is its storage functions. A good entertainment center should have space for neatly storing a variety of items you or your family use daily. This should include room for movies, devices such as Blu-ray players and video game consoles, controllers, and other electronics.

If you prefer, use drawers or shelves for pillows or blankets, or decorative items such as candles, picture frames, or keepsakes. With a large enough entertainment center, you can use it for much more than entertainment or TV-related items. Use it to store favorite books, toys or board games, or anything that your family gathers around regularly. 

Give your most commonly-used items a home of their own so they never get lost, and you’ll always know where to come to for them.

Highly effective cord management

Few things look more chaotic than a tangled bird’s nest of cords and cables. For households who rely on numerous devices like gaming consoles and movie players to be physically connected to the TV, this is a constant struggle.

Entertainment centers today typically offer segmented sections of shelving and cabinets to give separate devices plenty of elbow room. Additionally, the rear side of the entertainment center should have exit points for cords to be pulled through and kept separate from their neighboring devices.

And if you want to get serious about cord management, there are plenty of products to choose from that will help. BDI offers a very clean, professional, well-made selection, but you should also be able to access similar products at your local Best Buy or local electronics store. You can choose to go as deep down that cord management rabbit hole as you'd like, but we recommend taking time to lay out everything neatly and keep things as separate as possible. It will make replacing devices, and fixing inevitable hardware problems much easier down the road.

Important protection

With a well-built entertainment center, your TV will be well protected from accidental bumps, spills, or general rowdiness that may occur near it from time to time. Because living rooms are often high-traffic areas, they get a major amount of foot traffic. The more your very large and very expensive TV screen is near people, the greater the likelihood of an accident occurring. Protect it by investing in a sturdy entertainment center that will shield it from those with less spatial awareness.

Stylish focal point

Entertainment centers are so much more than “a place for your TV.” If chosen correctly, an entertainment center can serve as a wonderfully-stylish focal point for your living room. Michael’s offers plenty of makes and models that fit a wide variety of living rooms.

Everything from vintage to contemporary, large and small, and in a very good selection of colors. Take some time to pick the best one for your living room. Carefully consider style, size, color, and other uses you might have for the entertainment center.

If you spend a lot of time in the living room, the entertainment center should be something you enjoy looking at. And since entertainment centers are usually pieces that stay around for a long time, make sure you pick one that fits your living just right. You’re going to be looking at it for a while.

Improve floor space

Because entertainment centers offer fantastic storage, they are excellent tools for consolidating the many items that are likely to be floating around your living room. With the right entertainment center, you can store items that were kept on a side table or ottoman that you no longer want around. The blanket or pillows that are always finding themselves on the floor now have a tidy little home to stay in and out of the way.

Other considerations

If you are shopping for entertainment centers online, take special note of the dimensions of the product before making your purchase. Also, take a bit of time to think about what specifically the entertainment center will be used for. Today, they do a lot more than simply hold a TV as we have explained above. They can be very helpful investments for your home and family, so it's important to take your time and find just the right one. Do not make the mistake of getting an entertainment center that is too large (or too small) that simply won’t work for the space you have for it.

Another consideration is price. Entertainment centers, like most furniture, generally follow the "you get what you pay for" rule. Thankfully, companies like Michael's specializes in offering the highest available products on the market at a reduced cost. Thanks in part to our dedicated buying staff, and deep connections to some of the finest manufacturers in the industry, we can pass massive savings on to our customers.

We also boast some of the best sales staff in the business. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns about buying an entertainment center online, we would love to hear from you.

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