Biggest Living Room Furniture Trends for 2022

For many families, the living room is the center of the family's home life. It is the central socializing space in the entire structure and thus takes on an important role when friends and families come together. The importance of our living rooms has perhaps never been more important as we are now two years into a global pandemic that has limited our ability to spend time with others outside or at our favorite venues.


In all likelihood, your living room may have served as a hybrid office or classroom during these past months and may have hosted more (or less) gatherings than usual due to lockdowns and closures. Whatever is going on in your living room, there are some furniture trends that are rising above others in 2022, and below are just a few we have noticed our customers are gravitating towards.


In general, these trends center around making the space warm and inviting, adding natural touches with indoor plants, making sure there is plenty of breathing room, and adding furniture that offers a unique, yet inviting look that will help the room's occupants feel instantly at home and at peace.

Warm colors and accents

Nothing feels better than being warm and cozy in your own home. A good way to achieve that is by adding living room furniture with natural tones such as wood, oatmeal, chocolate, and rust. These are very popular for living room furniture pieces, as well as flooring and other decors. This is because these tones not only create that welcoming sense of warmth, but they also just seem to melt into the room organically and fit well with other colors and decorations that might already be there.


Choosing pieces that give your living room a sense of warmth is quite easy, thanks in part to the popularity of those tones and thus the number of furniture options available. Buying a complete living room set like this one from Trivellato or this one from Meagan makes it even easier. Just choose the style of sofa, chair, or couch you like best and watch your room transform instantly into the warm and cozy room it should be.


Bringing the outdoors indoors

2022 will likely be another big year for houseplants, a revitalized trend that millennials helped popularize, but really took off at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. With everyone at home, and in many cases stuck indoors, having even one piece of greenery in a room can go a long way in bringing a greater sense of calm, relaxation, and tranquility. Potted indoor plants are generally quite easy to care for, help improve the air quality of the space around them, and are wonderful to look at, especially when they complement the furniture around them.


If you are thinking about adding some potted indoor plants to your living room, make sure the furniture they near do not clash in terms of color and style. Consider adding a row of plants along a shelf beneath a window. Or perhaps hang one near your favorite sofa. Whatever you decide to do, take your time and make sure the size and placement of the plant doesn't command too much attention and distract from the other pleasant details you want to add to your living room space.


Airy, clean spaces

As people have spent more time at home due to Covid-19, we have seen a growing popularity for living room furniture that tends to give rooms an airy, clean feeling. The virus brought sickness and poor health, so many people started making sure their living rooms evoked a feeling of open-air cleanliness. To achieve this, consider lower-profile sofas with mid-century vibes that can help provide more breathing room and be less visually occupying.


Other features of an airy, clean-feeling living room will probably include elements like white walls, minimalist decor, wood or warm-colored floors, and other natural materials in green, gray, beige, or white tones. Living rooms like this place a greater focus on simplicity, fewer pieces of furniture, but are still cozy and inviting with pillows, and throw blankets to help their occupants get settled in.


Lines and curves

Another trend we have noticed heading into 2022 is the tendency for customers to look for living room furniture that offers plenty of elegant curves and clean lines. Thankfully, we have plenty of manufacturers who have sensed this trend as well, and therefore have lots of good options for everything from affordable living room sets to high-end sofas, couches, chairs, love seats, and ottomans.


The great thing about curvaceous furniture is that these pieces offer a fantastic balance between ultimate comfort and coziness, without sacrificing any functionality and maintaining a high-class look. Multi-functional living room furniture like oversized ottomans, tables, and other artistic elements can also go a long way in complementing your living room furniture. Curvy pieces fit well with either that comfy minimalist style of the living room or something more traditional, so don't be afraid to change things up by adding one of these pieces of furniture to your living space.


So, which 2022 living room furniture trend do you see yourself gravitating towards? As mentioned at the start of this article, updating your living room furniture can be one of the most important investments you make this year, in regards to not just the level of enjoyment you get from being in the space, but for your mental well-being as well. 


If you have any other questions or thoughts about how best to update your living room furniture, we would love to talk more with you and see what would be the best fit. Michael's Discount Furniture is a leading provider of not just quality furniture products, but service as well. Each of our staff members is ready to help connect you with the right furniture for your living room. Please share this post with friends and family who might be thinking about updating their living room furniture as well, and don't hesitate to give us a call any time you are ready to start exploring our many quality living room furniture choices.

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