4 Lessons on Transforming Your Home Office with These Furniture Collections

4 Lessons on Transforming Your Home Office with These Furniture Collections

For nearly two years, we have experienced an explosive demand for home office furniture. In that time, we have helped thousands of customers build out their ideal home office environment, and we have a few tips you should keep in mind if you are thinking about setting up a home office of your own.

Mostly, it comes down to the little things. All the little details that will go into this very important space in your home will play a direct role in your ability to focus, your productivity, energy, and morale. To maximize these aspects of your work-from-home lifestyle, pick the right pieces of furniture for the space you have, make the space uniquely yours, consider how much time you’ll be there, and don’t feel like you need to go way over budget. Focus on these pointers when getting started in choosing your home office furniture and you might never want to leave.


Consider the amount of space you have

Before buying anything, you’ll of course need to choose where your home office will be. Will it be in its own enclosed room? The corner of your bedroom? Living room? Just off the kitchen? Take some time to measure and write down the space you have to place your home office furniture then start browsing available products.

If you are dealing with tighter spaces, consider a shorter, narrower desk that will sit neatly against a wall and will fit a filing cabinet beneath it. If your home office is in a more wide-open space or in a dedicated room, take advantage of that extra square footage with a larger desk and shelving in order to spread out more work and give yourself some breathing room.

Whatever you choose, take your time to make sure you’re not buying anything too large or small that will make your home office feel awkward or too distracting to be in.


Consider the number of hours you’ll be there

This is another important factor because it will help determine the type of furniture you’ll ultimately need for your home office. If you are working full time or more, having a dedicated desk and comfortable chair are paramount to staying comfortable and productive. If you work less hours and can’t sit still for too long, consider buying more than one small desk or table to work from to change up the scenery. Multiple workstations can be helpful for those with shorter attention spans, as well. Consider creating one or two special nooks for doing different types of work (such as one for creative brainstorming and another for virtual meetings, for instance).

However long you’ll be working from home, it is so important to make sure you like the space you’re working in. Make it yours, and take the time to make it just right.

Don’t go over-budget

This is another important detail we see a lot of customers struggle with. They know they are making an important investment, but are worried about spending too much (or sometimes too little) on very important tools for their career. We would like to point out that the word discount is literally in our company name, and for good reason. Michael’s Discount Furniture offers some of the finest home office products available for hundreds of dollars less than big box stores and other furniture retailers. We also make sure our inventory consists of something for everyone, no matter their profession or style of work.

For home office workers, we typically recommend starting with choosing a desk and chair since those are generally the most important elements to any home office. If there is a budget left, a good filing cabinet and bookshelf are important follow-ups, and of course accessories such as lighting, organizational tools, and other décor come next. Choose products in that order and we are confident you’ll be able to build a home office you absolutely love.


Stick to your own style

Picking out home office furniture is really no different than decorating any other room in your house. Michael’s Discount Furniture offers a full range of fantastic home office furniture in every style you could think of. From bright contemporary options with sharp angles and glass surfaces to deep-colored bookish, traditional products that carry a timeless appeal.

Choose home office furniture that serves as a good reflection of your work style and how you like to get things done. Of course, choosing furniture that doesn’t clash with the room around it is also an important detail as well.

Having the benefit of a home office gives you the opportunity to create a workspace that is a reflection of you and the work you are passionate about doing. Pour the same level of passion you have for your profession into setting up a home office and perhaps you’ll see how much better of an employee you will become and how much more value you will find in the work that you do. But be careful. Do not take the freedom of a home office for granted.

Making your workspace too home-like, or too comfortable, may prove distracting. Maintain the same level of professionalism and responsibility working from home as you would with your colleagues in the main office, and remember the level of trust your employer is putting in you by giving you the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home.

The beauty of working in a home office is that it is the best opportunity to escape the lonely corporate cubicle or otherwise soulless office environment in which you may have little say in how it looks or feels. A home office provides wonderful flexibility and can be such an important method for establishing that very important work-life balance. That balance will be so much more easily obtained with the right home office setup, and we are more than ready to help answer any questions you might have and make your furniture selection.

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