5 Key Trends we're seeing in Ashley Furniture 2023

What are the top furniture trends for 2023?

With the new year comes new opportunities to give our homes an exciting new life and new look. In the furniture and home decor industry, we see new furniture trends pop up every year, and it is always such an exciting thing to see. This is especially true when it comes to our good friends at Ashley Furniture. Not only are they a premiere brand of the highest-rated quality products, but their designers are also often on the bleeding edge of contemporary furniture and decor design. In some cases, we might even suggest they help set the tone for what 2023 furniture trends actually are.

In 2023, we see an evolution in popular furniture trends that seemed to really take off during the beginning of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns: Airy, nature-themed spaces, an emphasis on multi-function rooms, soft and clean colors, and an overall sense of minimalism that creates a sense of cleanliness and openness. Ashley has again taken the most popular trends and pushed them to a new level.

Below are just a few examples of some trends we are already seeing crop up in 2023 and we are very excited to share them with you. Read on to learn more!

Nature-themed spaces

Incorporating nature into our interior spaces is very popular these days. Biologically, humans seek connections with nature, so it makes sense when we see people adding touches of greenery, beautiful wood furniture, and nature-inspired art pieces to their homes. We’re bringing the outside inside! Ashley Furniture reigns supreme in this area, with dozens of wonderfully-made furniture and accessories that will look good in any home.

One of the easiest ways to start building a nature-themed room or area in your home is to use pieces created from different woods. Start with something small such as this Roybeck Accent Cabinet. Add some small plants, pine cone decorations, or some other outdoor-inspired decor atop it to help tie it all together.

Brown, earthy tones

If wood colors and tones aren’t really your style, you can still add some earthy, brown tones to help give your home a nature-like look and feel. Ashley offers a huge selection of sofas, couches, and recliners made in a wonderfully-inviting brown leather or fabric material. These remain some of the brand’s most well-recognized and popular products, and it is not hard to see why. Consider the Rackingburg Recliner

The rich brown leather evokes an earthy look and feel, and the comfort of this recliner offers the same iconic level of comfort all Ashley recliners are known for. Brown and earth-toned pieces are easily paired with a variety of colors and materials. Chances are it will be very easy for you to add the Rackingburg Recliner or any of Ashley’s similarly-colored pieces to your home in order to give it some natural-looking theme.

Focus on comfort

Since we’re on the subject of recliners, let’s not forget about Ashley’s household recognition as a leader in manufacturing some of the most comfortable pieces of furniture on the planet. We have seen a major uptick in the demand for comfort, which likely took off during the pandemic as people began to work from home more and thus, use their furniture more. The more you use your chair, sofa, or couch, it’s important it is as comfortable as possible and stays that way for as long as you own it. This creates a more inviting space, and will improve the quality of your time (and health) while you and your friends and family are in the room as well.

The Ricmen 3-Piece Power Reclining Sectional is the ultimate in providing large-scale comfort for larger social gatherings and quality family time. If your needs for bigger pieces aren’t quite as important, consider something smaller and more minimalist with the Arroyo Loveseat. You’ll sink right into any comfortable Ashley Furniture chair, loveseat, couch, or sofa and completely lose track of time.

Multi-function spaces

Another continually-evolving 2023 furniture trend is the demand for furniture that meets the need for multi-function spaces. Ashley Furniture once again has taken the lead in meeting this demand by offering some of the best-looking multi-function pieces available. Ashley Furniture’s bookcases come to mind in particular when thinking about multi-function, as they look good in just about any room in your house. Whether your bedroom doubles as your office (or your living room, or dining room), add a bookcase to build the bridge between your home and work lifestyles.

The Yarlow 74 Bookcase is one classic example, offering a warm, welcoming look due to its clean wooden construction. Its rugged and structural design however also makes it a great option for a work environment. If you don’t like the sloped look of the Yarlow and want something more traditional, consider the Starmore 76” Bookcase. Put your favorite books on the same shelf as your professional tools and create a seamless blend of home and work-life balance that won’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Dynamic wall decor and wall art

The wall decor selection and wall art selections are nothing short of cutting-edge when it comes to interior design 2023 furniture trends. Offering a huge variety of traditional, minimalist, and contemporary styles, adding dynamic wall art that stands out from the rest of the room is a very popular trend we have seen crop up.

Using art pieces to mix patterns, textures, and colors is a fun way to help you think outside your comfort zone, while at the same time giving your space an added layer of excitement. Use an art piece as a focal point for inserting a new palette of color into the room, or choose something that is symbolically important to you or your family.


We understand that there are so many options out there when it comes to changing the look and feel of your home. Please take some time to make sure you are developing a style that is true to yourself and that you will benefit from the most. Not only will you get more excited about choosing new things, but we are also very confident developing your own style is important for your own inner well-being.

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